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Equality Policy


We approach access to SaltSpace using the social model of disability, which explains disabilities are caused by barriers in society, not by an individual’s impairment or difference. It is our responsibility to do everything we can with our available resources to remove barriers and to be actively working to provide access to, and be welcoming to all people.

It is our policy not to exhibit work or artists that perpetuates or contributes to racism, sexism, homophobia, biphobia or transphobia.

SaltSpace Cooperative aims to be a safe space for all visitors, staff, members, and volunteers. All staff, members, visitors and volunteers must agree to follow our Safer Space policy:

  • Discrimination against anyone on the grounds of: gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, ability, class, survivor status, HIV status, or any protected characteristic will not be permitted. 

  • Do not make assumptions about the identity of others. 

  • Use the pronouns that others indicate as theirs 

  • Be empathetic and don’t assume your physical and emotional barriers are the

    same as others 

  • Calling in: if there is an issue with someone in our space there will be a chance

    for mediation and for learning however; 

  • Accountability: abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. If you experience,

    witness, or are aware of any abusive behaviour by an individual(s) within our

    space and raise it with a member of staff will address it. 

  • Harassment: If you experience bullying or harassment by a volunteer/staff or

    fellow member this will be taken seriously. Harassment is any unwanted behaviour which: violates your dignity, creates a hostile, degrading, or intimidating environment, and consistently violates an individual’s boundaries. 
If you experience or witness harassment, this should be raised with a member of SaltSpace staff and the appropriate grievance procedures will be followed. 

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