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'Shadows Of The 80s' by Tabitha Hall

SaltSpace gallery

17/05/22 - 22/05/22

Shadow of the 80’s is a collection of multiple drawn works by Tabitha Hall, exploring the infiltration of songs from the 80’s into her existing works on shadows. This exhibition pulls together multiple works from the past 2 years and forces them to exist within a new context, catalysing a new way of perceiving the drawings. The show invites the viewer to step into the creative process, allowing for a new approach in experiencing the work as both fun and lighthearted. Sometimes it’s only upon stepping back, one realises the sheer level of Queen’s discography that has snuck its way into a drawing.

Tabitha Hall @arse._.end is an illustrator 2020 Glasgow School of Art graduate with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art; Painting and Printmaking living and working in Glasgow. Her practice is mainly based in drawing, typically utilise the monochrome, usually black and white, and using only line patterns to differentiate tones. Her method of drawing largely embraces intuition, a practice very much lead by doodling, letting the process lead the drawings. Through this way of working Hall encourages the figures in her work to be actively involved in creating their own space as opposed to just being placed in a drawing. The aim is to create a ‘scene’ that makes sense only in the world of the work, every action is in fact a reaction, nothing is entirely random there is always a cause and effect, everything has consequences. Hall encourages viewers to not search for a ‘true meaning’ to her drawings but to experience any meaning within them, regardless if it is considered ‘correct’, any and all interpretations are true.

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