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'Solid Observations' by Olivia Juett and Anna Winberg

SaltSpace gallery

11/08/22 - 13/08/22

'Solid Observations' by recent graduates from Fine Art and Design, Anna Winberg & Olivia Juett, explored their practice in relation to each other. Viewers were invited to explore objects through touch and make observations from solid forms they can connect to. The gallery exists as a space to consider and make sense of memory, reflection and immersive storytelling, which we both explore in our practices.

A mix of print, sculpture, and text, ‘Solid Observations’ creates an immersive environment with a focus on analogue making; a place of curiosity, where outside observations are absorbed into the body; a place to make sense of things, reflect and respond from a place of comfort. In this show we want to make and hold space for stillness and curiosity.

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