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2021 Winter Members Show: 'Maximum Tilt'

Gallery Space

2/12/21 - 10/12/21

Our 2021 Winter Members Show showcased over 50 emerging artists from across Scotland ranging from textiles, sculpture, painting, print, drawing and photography. The title 'Maximum Tilt' was dedicated to our decent into winter solstice when the Northern Hemisphere is at its maximum tilt away from the sun, the opening night was a celebration of getting through the last 12 months, chat, music and the chance to sell some work in the festive period!

The SaltSpace Members Shows are a beautiful collection of work from our members curated by the committee. The show highlights the talented creatives that comprise the SaltSpace Cooperative Community.

Exhibiting artists:

Alistair Bamforth
Amy Mei Tong
Angus Pattison
April Lannigan
Astrid Turner
Bianca Patania
Carys Reilly
Chris Silver
Chrissie Jacquet
Daria Zapala
Emily Brooks millar
Fanming Dong
Frieda Ford
Gill Houlsby
Harriet Orrey-Godden
Hayley Jane Dawson
Helen Robinson
Holly Macdonald
Janice Affleck
Jessica Turnbull
Joanna Stawnicka
Kat Rulach
Kim Marie Tiong
Le Liu
Lily Garget
Lou Graves
Lucy Johnston
Martha Stefani-Bose
Martina Genovese
Megan Dingwall
Michael Skeen
Monica Marshall
Nadja Andersson
Niketa Shetty
Paulina Pawlik-Barborka
Penny Anderson
Roisin Cairney
Rosa Zaira Quadrelli
Rothnie Daly
Sarah Grant
Sheila MacNeill
Shona Wardrop
Siusan Patterson
Sophie Minervini
Sophie Steel
Stuart Murphy
Thyme James
Tsuki Liang
Xinyi Yang
Yiyang Chen

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