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Through Past and Present by Lauren Black

Gallery Space

09/09/22 - 11/09/22

Through Past and Present by member Lauren Black was a solo exhibition exploring the natural process of hand crafting garments and how this can be manipulated with sound, video and sensors. Clothes carry fascinating stories throughout centuries. Narratives may be lost but can be relived in new forms. Every texture, ink splash, rip and burn stain contributes to the identities of the garments, expressing emotional and spiritual themes. Layers of the natural and digital present these works as historical artefacts whilst shown in punk aesthetic form.

Lauren Black is a visual artist/musician based in Glasgow. Recently graduated in Painting with Honours Degree at Edinburgh College of Art in 2022. In my practice, I explore the contrasts and connections between the natural and the digital through the process of hand sewing recycled materials and using technology to create bridges between the past, present and the future

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