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The'Balancing Art' Residencies

Saltspace Gallery, High St

Summer Residencies 2020


Our first ‘Balancing Art’ Showcase featured work created by SaltSpace members Chonghe Fan, Adriana Minu and Julita Hanlon. The exhibition was the outcome of three weeks of intense collaboration between the three artists that had never met before: a painter, a fine artist and a sound artist.​They presented their outcome as a sculptural space, a geometric structure made out of a multitude of materials, including a painting, rendered into a durational performance by both the body of the performer that is part of it, vocalising the relationship, and the bodies of the audience that are present in the space.Chonghe says: it is a space full of conflicts and contradictions—— hard materials and soft materials, 2D images and 3D frames, artificial fabrics and natural products.For Julita, it is place of unease and questioning of knowns, subversion of political into personal, interference and interplay between safety and restriction/restrain.For Adriana it is a space to be with and through materials using her voice, always existing in relation to the environment, a part of the whole that is constantly shifting.


Our second ‘Balancing Art’ Showcase featured work created by SaltSpace members Nadja Andersson and Martha Stefani-Bose. The exhibition was the outcome of three weeks of collaboration between the two artists in our gallery space.The exhibition explores a visual conversation between the two artists about places and the marks they inspire us to make, using mixed media drawing processes across intimate and grand scales of paper surfaces.​We are happy to be able to offer this funded residency to SaltSpace members as an opportunity for them to engage with each other and bring together artists from different creative backgrounds who have never worked together before!