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April Lannigan

April (Born 1998) is an undergraduate student at the Glasgow School of Art- Presently BA(Hons) Sculpture and Environmental Art. April previously studied a Diploma of Contemporary Art Practice at the City of Glasgow College and a foundation course at Visual Arts Studio.

As an artist, the work I produce is largescale abstract sculpture- I am very much drawn to stuff: to materials and different processes of making work, fluctuating between the two- and three-dimensional. It begins with a desire, a pleasure to make art. I am a lover of formal aesthetics within my work: Material, form, composition, and colour.

I am attracted to make work that sits on a juncture between the disciplines of Painting and Sculpture and am intrigued by the borders of artistic disciplines: What is a painting? What is a sculpture? Key figures that influence my practice at present include Karla Black, Jessica Stockholder, and Phyllida Barlow. I am very interested in surface and the assemblage of objects/ materials in a space. I am continually learning how to control colour and understand it within the context of my work.

I have a long-standing enthusiasm for exploring the Scottish rural landscape, both through and out with my art making- To be at one with the natural world as a form of escapism from an increasingly digitalized society. I am intrigued by the processes of decay and regeneration which are circular within these rural spaces, particularly discarded farm machinery, or architecture. The juxtaposition of landscape is exciting to me, moving out with an expansive open space into the built environment of Glasgow.

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