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Anna Winberg


In my practice I explore the body as a space and the boundaries of the body as it relates to the environments it inhabits. As we interact with the world, we tend to view the body as layer of separation and a barrier between us and our world however these lines are so often blurred as we strain to exist as functional components within our lives. In my practice I seek to visually investigate this tension between our bodies and their supposed functional purpose in a twisting exploration of the two as one.

Cameron McCracken

Cameron McCracken is a Socially Engaged Visual Artist currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. Originally from Milnathort, in Perth & Kinross-shire Cameron’s work is primarily the pursuit of a desire to create spaces in which people can relax, renew, and revive themselves. The point is to normalise open conversation, spread sociality, and whenever possible raise each other up, not cancel each other out.

Ciaran Cannon

Embracing the queer qualities of nature, my work explores interdependence through found and salvaged materials and objects. Acknowledging our impact on the world and recognising circularity through methods of making is central to my practice. Forgotten objects become sculptures and installations, reclaiming their place in the world, seen and existing in their own right.

Edita Voveryte

Education: Master’s Degree in Filmmaking and Media Arts, University of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom (2021-2022), Bachelor of Arts Degree: Multimedia Art, Šiauliai University, Lithuania (2006 – 2011)
University internship: Organising International Art Exhibitions.

Gaizka Saracibar

I paint with the computer. A dated photoshop interface as canvas. Low-res images I collect online form the colour palette. I studied photography at university. Through the course years I got fed up with the overpowering control that digital technology allows. I also went to therapy to heal from longstanding hurt and emotional trauma. This two process - coinciding in time - are at the heart of what I do and why I do it.

Jeff Edwards

My name is Jeff Edwards and I am an American born artist photographer based in Glasgow. I graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2011, and I have shown work throughout the United Kingdom, United States. I am influenced by the work of Ralph Steadman, Sallie Mann and Francis Bacon just to mention a few, and I work with archaic, traditional and alternative practices. I work in a tactile, intuitive manner to push the boundaries of both analogue and digital practices.

Jordan Stewart

Laura Birzniece

Lita Murphy

My current work has broad base themes surrounding memory, time, form and movement. How we describe ourselves within it both physically and mentally. I directly respond to the spaces that we inhabit and surround us both the familiar and unfamiliar aspects of it. I work in a way that aims to encapsulate or document a period of time using light to distort and skew logical perception.

Mary Harker

Returning to art and Glasgow after many years in a scientific career in England. Finishing Portfolio preparation course at Glasgow School of Art and hoping to start an undergraduate fine arts course in painting and printmaking. I love to work in a creative and collaborative environment where I can share skills and learning with other artists.

Max Breakenridge

Max Breakenridge is a filmmaker and artist based in Glasgow. His work often deals with embodiment, mysticism and materiality through immersive image and sound.

Michael Gilfedder

Natasha Dunk

Natasha is an environmental artist who works with a wide array of visual art mediums including textiles, film, sculpture, printmaking, photography and drawing. Natasha's work often seeks to explore ideas of storytelling and anthropological history in relation to environments both urban and wild.

Paula Doherty

Paula is an Edinburgh born, Glasgow based interdisciplinary artist making interactive and collaborative work which focusses on the natural world and how we interact with it. Through ceramics and performative actions, she generates a shared experience between human and natural entity and negotiates how hierarchy influences the intersections between these groups.

Roisin Cairney

My practice focuses on the human imagination fact and fiction and how the human mind created stories through their environments.

Rothnie Daly

Graduated in 1996 from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art. Beginning to unapologetically create art in my own way, was part of this re-emergence and reclamation of self. I have only begun to seriously create and attempt to show art in the last 2 years. I currently stay in the South side of Glasgow and teach Art to young people who struggle to access the curriculum in a mainstream environment within special units at Govan High School.

Sarah Grant

Sarah Grant is originally from Leeds and graduated in Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art in 2000. Since then she has exhibited regularly as a member of Glasgow Independent Studios, Trongate 103 Arts Centre. Sarah has a Masters in Art Therapy and works as a fully qualified Art Therapist for the NHS in Mental Health and Addictions. She has been the Creative Lead for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival in Renfrewshire for the last 6 years. She has also worked as an arts lecturer for Glasgow Clyde College and for various community arts organisations such as Artlink Central, Impact Arts and Project Ability.

Selcuk Colakoglu

Shelia Macneill

Sheila MacNeill is landscape artist and educator based in Glasgow. Sheila’s work focuses on inner and outer landscapes. Starting from the directly representational, more abstract landscapes are created based on experiences of atmosphere, colours and textures.

Sian Patterson

Sian Patterson is a Glasgow-based ceramicist making wheel thrown stoneware pieces characterised by a quiet precision and gentle abstraction. A central preoccupation is a keen sensitivity to surface, colour and light, an interest in formal groupings, and an atmosphere of familiarity. Recent work has drawn inspiration from the urban landscape and has focused particularly on mark-making techniques using coloured slips.

Siusan Patterson

Soorin Shin

Sophie Minervini

Sophie Stewart

Born in 1997, Highlands, Scotland. Living and working in Glasgow, Scotland.

Sophie Stewart is a multidisciplinary artist who challenges the acceptance of constraints caused by modern working conditions, and highlights the effects of precarity on the individual.

Theresa Thomson Malaney

Tommy Penny

I’m Tommy Penny I’m an artist who specialises in the abstract and psychedelic styles of art, This gives my work a bold appearance. It speaks to your eyes and stimulates the brain. I love to draw and paint, It gives a strange look into the inner most parts of what’s going on in my head at that time on an unconscious level.

Wenyi Pan

Alex Warner

Im Alex Warner also known as koolkatwarner and im an artist and maker from south london but i work and live in glasgow. I work within a range of different mediums but work specifically using and exploring the uses of primary colours within day to day life. My surroundings affect and inspire the things I like to makes, which reflects on: British consumerism, fast food joints, sport, everyday life, the urban landscape, bold primary colours and morden lifes rubbishness.

April Lannigan

April (Born 1998) is an undergraduate student at the Glasgow School of Art- Presently BA(Hons) Sculpture and Environmental Art. As an artist, the work I produce is largescale abstract sculpture- I am very much drawn to stuff: to materials and different processes of making work, fluctuating between the two- and three-dimensional. It begins with a desire, a pleasure to make art. I am a lover of formal aesthetics within my work: Material, form, composition, and colour.

Brandon Hendrick

Brandon Hendrick (b.1993, New York) is a visual artist currently based in Glasgow. Having previously studied at School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Virginia Commonwealth University, he recieved his MFA from Glasgow School of Art in 2021. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

Carys Reilly

Connor McGregor Ross

Connor works in detailed drawings, embossment and printing techniques creating images relating to loss and memory. He combine’s the methodical aspects in printmaking to question the natural repetition and degradation of memory.

Emma Blackhall

Garrett Ure

Garrett Ure (born 2000) is an undergraduate student at the Glasgow School of Art- Presently BA(hons) Sculpture and Environmental Art. Garrett previously studied a year of Portfolio Preparation at the Glasgow School of Art.

Jem Shearer

The core of my practice explores our current understandings of care and comfort by investigating identity, virtual space, intimacy, and how the body interacts with the digital sphere. I use the past to inform the future, conjuring subtle nostalgic references surrounding ideas of play throughout my work. Currently, my work focuses on how technology mediates intimacy by exploring queer relationships and identity, digital voyeurism, and the hetero gaze.

Karen Allan

Lauren Black

I am a visual artist and musician from Glasgow that focuses on creating futuristic scenes through digital and physical works, investigating advanced technologies and how this impacts living beings and using sound and voice to give new meaning to materials and objects. Questioning spaces that don’t exist and changing our understanding of comfort, functionalities and human existence.

Lou Graves

I am a narcoleptic artist who draws and paints scenes directly from, or inspired by my incredibly vivid dreams.

Luke Shand

My practice is centred around the mediums of oil paint and watercolour. Using painting and printmaking to create imagery that ties into the queer experience both personally and one's that are shared within the wider queer community. I'm interested in notions associated with our community like the ideas of camp, flamboyance, horror and performance and how these subjects can be translated directly into the act of painting or through the imagery I work from.

Masaki Ishikawa

Tokyo born and currently Glasgow based visual artist Masaki Ishikawa predominantly uses postcards to inform his painting. The postcards he uses are often second hand, bought from the overlooked corners of eBay and other sites. Ishikawa feels the mass-produced front side, printed with typical travel experiences from the featured place along with the senders personal messages captured on the back intended for the addressee, hold a moment when a reproduction turns into an original form of souvenir.

Megan Dingwall

Mike Harper

Olivia Juett

With a focus on tactility and physicality, my creative practice predominantly revolves around thinking through making. Materiality is central to this approach and I enjoy playing with the overlap between 2- and 3-dimensions. I find inspiration in the unexpected, both technically and thematically, and work to capture a sense of spontaneity across my process and outcomes. Much of my recent work has centered on human interactions in specific spaces and how these connections change the dynamics of the spaces themselves.

Rachel Burney

Roisin Rowe

Samantha Dick

I am a Queer Scottish artist and educator working across performance, moving-image, collage and installation, currently living/working between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Under an interdisciplinary practice, my work looks to invite a critique of 'normality' and delve into the possibility of 'failure'.

Sarah Murray

Shae Myles

Shirley Lachaise Textiles

Silvia Vazzana

ARTernative is a newly launched project that uses visual art to support wellbeing in individuals and communities. I use art as a tool to promote self-expression, self-esteem and social change. Participants explore their inner creative self by learning new techniques and using different materials.

Sofia Caers

Sophie Ammann


Sophie Niven

Sophie Stewart

Thyme James

Thyme James is a Glasgow based inter-disciplinary artist, whose practice is based in expanded painting, combining traditional notions of paint with film-making whilst also working in autographic mediums namely printmaking, painting and drawing.

Tsuki Liang

I’m an emerging artist who mainly focuses on oil painting and graphite drawing. My expressions towards life is the fundamental idea behind all my works.

Yiyang Chen

Yiyang Chen, Born in 1998, Shenyang, China
Glasgow School of Art, Mlitt Fine Art Practice (painting).

Alice Cornelia

Alice is a visual artist, director, writer, filmmaker, photographer and installation artist based in Glasgow. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in Fine Art in 2018. Her work comments on our social relationship with images, blurring boundaries between the composed and real. Opening up ‘image worlds’ within collective memory, accessibility and material reality.

Bianca Patania

My name is Bianca Patania and I’m an Italian art student based in Glasgow. I’m currently on my first year of Painting and Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art. My work mainly focuses on figurative and abstract art, using painting and photography as mediums to capture my everyday life, overlapping different types of paint and using different techniques to apply the paint, creating chromatic rhythms.

Cal McCormack

Cal Mac studied sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art. His work uses a combination of video and sculpture, to reflect on common addictive vices such as technology and alcohol cultures. In particular, he develops an emotional inquiry into how addiction, designed by capitalism, profits from dependency, shame, and love.

Chris David (CD) Boyland

CD Boyland (Twit/IG: @chrisdboyland) is a [d]eaf experimental and visual poet who lives in Cumbernauld, Scotland. His debut #vispo pamphlet ‘SMC_’ will be published by @steelincisors in July 2022, and has been described as a "stunning book [which] demonstrates brilliantly how poetry can create intricately beautiful structures to engage the reader in multiple aesthetic, semiotic and metaphysical adventures".

Delaney Tesch

Delaney Tesch is a multidisciplinary performance designer, photographer, and installation artist. She has a BFA (distinction) in Theatre Design from the University of Victoria and an MFA from the Glasgow School of Art, and has designed over 30 theatrical productions and installations. Her practice is primarily focused on performativity, authenticity, and the experiential relationship between artist, artwork, and audience.

Fanming Dong

Hannah Kate Absalom

Absalom (b.1998), originates from the North East of England, and graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2020, with a First Class BaHons in Painting & Printmaking . The artist also had the opportunity to study Fine Art at the Bezalel Academy of Fine Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel from September 2018 - February 2019.

Joanne Murray

Joanne Murray, 27, Glasgow. My work explores elements of the body, materiality, restriction and being bound. Sculptures like bodies of flesh, I am constantly asking how far I can push my work away from realism. Underpinning the work are consistent themes and ideas relating to feminism. With my sculptural work I aim to use different materials to try to draw attention to the suffocating ideologies placed on women, wrapping sculptures tightly in string or tape.

Kyubean Nam

I am a visual artist based in Glasgow and Nottingham. My art practice is based around ideas from current and personal experiences, often shown through contrasting mediums against my ideas/subject. I work in various mediums including painting, drawing, printmaking, handwoven and digital weaving, installations and data/coding.

Lauren Kilpatrick

Renkilpatrick is an emerging visual artist who rekindled her passion for art at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic — March 2020. Practising painting replicas of Picasso’s work was the catalyst that led Renkilpatrick on to apply to do an NQ Fine Art: Portfolio course at Glasgow Clyde College. Since leaving school she has gained qualifications in media, an introduction to hairdressing and an HNC in TV Production to allow her to understand this area of the creative arts industry.

Luca Cockayne

Martina Genovese

Martina Genovese (she/her), in art craftyvarda, is an illustrator and bookbinder from Sicily based in Glasgow. Her illustrations frequently explore the relationship with the environment, and is inspired by fantastic elements derived from childhood memories and pop culture. Her visual work also fuels her bookbinding practice, generating notebooks and sketchbooks based on original ink designs, with an eye on sustainability.

Mato Enki

My work attempts to explore the relationship between the material world, the natural world, and our senses, the way and means in which we judge reality. I'm trying to explore how our senses are being potentially diluted through the distribution of goods, the effect of living in densely populated societies and the social pressures created within them.

Megan Waterston

I am a Glasgow based artist currently studying Communication Design at Glasgow School of Art. My work is varied and experimental, drawing inspiration from my surrounding environment, biological processes and current political issues. I’m especially interested in human behaviour and creating interactive pieces of work. I work with mixed media and I'm always looking for new ways to create.

Nanjoo Lee

Paul Lucas

Ramona Lindsay

My practice covers the mediums of painting, printing and drawing. I use these mediums to understand and interpret my own thoughts about being the “other” and how this leads to the need to escape or flee. Using personal, current and historical events, I use the materiality and properties of the mediums to explore ways of communicating in an empathetic way. I am currently developing my research and practice through MLitt Print
Pathway at The Glasgow School of Art.

Rosie Patterson

Rosie is a Glasgow based illustrator and animator entering her fourth year of studying Communication Design at Glasgow School of Art. Her work is primarily concerned with identity and performativity and how this translates into an online space. Through this narrative, her work attempts to dismantle the societal pressures set on us today, that have been accelerated by the rapid growth of the digital world.

Samantha Jackson

Samantha Jackson is a visual artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her work explores the interpersonal flaws of the current zeitgeist and how it affects our relationships with ourselves and each other. Using gathering and collecting as ways of researching, her work often incorporates elements of Scottish culture and relationships.

Scott Mark Lyons

I am a Glasgow based Irish scriptwriter, script editor, and creative producer. I have recently just graduated from the MA Dramatic Writing course at Central Saint Martins. I am also a graduate of the BA Acting & Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School in London. My debut play as a writer/performer, Yokes Night, received critical acclaim during its run in London, Edinburgh and Off-Broadway in New York. I have also developed work for the BFI London Film Festival ‘21, Project Arts Centre, Theatre Royal Stratford East, Finborough Theatre, Soho Theatre, The Pleasance, and The Yard Theatre.

Sharon Thomas

Shona Wardrop

Based in Largs Scotland I am at the start of my career as an artist and I am in the process of developing my specific artistic voice having just graduated with a First in the BA (Hons) Contemporary Art Practice from the City of Glasgow College. In the last two years I have been exploring, through my creative practice, my specific female voice, as an older disabled woman. My final year had been about exploring the silent and often invisible voices of women.

Siobhan Fahey

Siobhan Fahey produced her first film aged 53, MY LONELINESS IS KILLING ME (Dir. Tim Courtney), which was awarded BAFTA Scotland (Best Short) 2018. Since then she has produced a slate of short films that have screened around the world including IS IT ME (Dir. Christopher McGill) which was nominated for a Grierson Award last year. Her first feature REBEL DYKES (dir. Harri Shanahan and Sian A Williams), premiered at BFI Flare (2021), and has screened at over 50 film festivals across the globe. Before becomikng a film maker Siobhan was a nurse, as well as a Queer Club Promoter and an activist.

Sonya Iscah Smullen

Theatre maker, Artists and lover of the creative process, I am currently in the midst of completing my final year on the BA Theatre Design course at Wimbledon College of Arts. Whilst completing my degree, In 2021, I studied abroad as an exchange student in Berlin studying Fine Arts Stage and Costume Design at Weissensee School of Art.

Sophie Grindlay

Sophie Steel

I am currently studying Interior and Environmental design at DJCAD in Dundee but am originally from Glasgow. I enjoy bringing an abstract way of thinking to interiors and love working with bold colours and visuals to get my visions across to viewers.

Susan Torrence

Toby Messenger

Graduate, drawing and painting at the GSA in 2000. Set up Glasgow Independent Studios, King street in 2001 with graduates. Shows include inter/media, Glasgow Project Room, The old hairdressers, The Aspect Painting prize shortlist - Cork street London. Future exhibitions include Silvestre Gallery, Ghent.

Vytautas Bikauskas

I’m an illustrator and New Media artist from Lithuania, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. I study BA Interaction Design at the Glasgow School of Art. My personal work focuses on spiritual and domestic rituals in the hyper-mediated context. Using knowledge of physics and experience in education I navigate information overload through speculative narratives and fantastical semiotics. I

Yoon Hong

Yoon Hong Il b.1993 in Seoul, South Korea. Works and lives in Glasgow, United Kingdom. In his work, Hongil shows his perspectives and personal impressions about image consumption in the age of information overload. People can fast consume multiple images and information at the same time, and the technology helps us find a high volume of images. Through his artistic practice, he expressed these images with uncertain emotions, which has the flatness as our ability of memory in this age of oblivion.

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