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Jeff Edwards

My name is Jeff Edwards and I am an American born artist photographer based in Glasgow. I graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2011, and I have shown work throughout the United Kingdom, United States. I am influenced by the work of Ralph Steadman, Sallie Mann and Francis Bacon just to mention a few, and I work with archaic, traditional and alternative practices. I like to explore techniques which are no longer in regular practice or are not associated with photography, and I work in a tactile, intuitive manner to push the boundaries of both analogue and digital practices.

Through careful research I have developed an approach to which I refer to as Uncontrolled Abstraction. While certain aspects are under my command, the results are left to the mercy of the environments they are placed within or the forces they are subjected to. Fire, ice, smoke and micro explosions all bring an unpredictable nature particularly when combined with the film, which has its own history and reacts accordingly.

I see this experimental and unpredictable aspect of the project as being grounded in the history of analogue photography while also looking forward through the prism of creation, of building something new by combining these natural ingredients.

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