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Samantha Dick

I am a Queer Scottish artist and educator working across performance, moving-image, collage and installation, currently living/working between Edinburgh and Glasgow. Under an interdisciplinary practice, my work looks to invite a critique of 'normality' and delve into the possibility of 'failure'. Through an exploration of collaging methods used across film, sound, and photography, I explore identity, power and class, using archival and queer research as a catalyst to discuss, critique, and transcend hegemonic structures. I reimagine alternative and more cooperative ways of existing that stand in defiance of neoliberal norms, exemplified in Thatcher's famous statement: 'There is no such thing as society.'

Currently, my work is centred around a year-long exploration of two Edinburgh tower blocks - my childhood home. The work is a distillation of conversations with residents of these flats. I am also concerned with how this environment has informed/influenced my life. Through a combination of archival investigation and interviews, this project challenges negative
perceptions of this community to represent alternative perspectives.

I have performed and exhibited in various locations across the UK, including Edinburgh, Glasgow and London, and recently in a series of virtual group showcases. I am a recipient of (the) New Art School Bursary Mentoring Programme. Working closely with emerging and internationally established artists, including Sara Barker, Alexander Pollard, Gregor Wright, and my assigned mentor Hardeep Pandal. Additionally, I am a reoccurring guest lecturer on HND Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College.

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