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Silvia Vazzana

ARTernative is a newly launched project that uses visual art to support wellbeing in individuals and communities. I use art as a tool to promote self-expression, self-esteem and social change. Participants explore their inner creative self by learning new techniques and using different materials.

My practice is around art in communities. I express my creativity by designing workshops aimed at helping others to improve their wellbeing through visual expression. I specialise in combining CLD (Community Learning and Development) with visual arts.

Throughout my career I have seen the impact that art makes on people's wellbeing, and that inspired me to launch my own project ARTernative. Creativity teaches us that there are infinite possibilities while visual art teaches us that there are numerous way to solve problems. The focus of ARTernative is to provide creative learning opportunities to invite people to "explore possibilities" while connecting with their creative expressive self.

About myself: I attended an HND in Visual Communication (GCC), BA in graphic design (GCU), Postgraduate Diploma in Community Development (GofU) and long-distance degree in Art therapy (Artedo). Worked in creative communities since 2012 and this is the first time to fully launch myself as a self-employed creative community worker.

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