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Wenyi Pan

Wenyi Pan is a Chinese artist based in Glasgow, Scotland. She has a BA in Public Art and currently on MFA program at Glasgow School of Art. Wenyi’s art works focus on sculptures and installations, and also touch on moving images. Her work has been exhibited in various cities including Hangzhou, Beijing, Carrara and Glasgow.

Wenyi Pan’s current practice is concerned with narratives of individual trauma, especially regarding female, which allude to a more complex collective tragedy for humankind. Some issues cannot always find a public platform for expression, with the masquerade of superficial progress offering an insidious cover up, to the injustice and pain. Compelled by this motive, Wenyi’s works strive for the balance between direct and illusive, private and public to rewrite these issues. Some memories should not be erased; some realities must be rethought in being remembered.

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