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'Cocoon Series'

17th - 21st August

17th - 21st August 11am - 4pm

Axiom Building Floor 2 Room 202A

54 Washington Street, Glasgow, UK

SaltSpace is delighted to present 'Cocoon Series' a solo show by Lily Roscoe. The show is open from the 17th - 21st August, 11am-4pm daily.

Cocoon Series (2023), created in response to Rozsika Parker’s (1984) the Subversive Stitch, follows a line of enquiry into the use, context and connotations of textile fibre traditions.

Such processes are considered domestic, considered craft, and most often considered women's work. Through their employment in fine art sculpture, Roscoe hopes to challenge this by subverting these limiting perceptions. By applying the processes to a new format, within a new context, Roscoe hopes to help give the material a platform thus renewing its definitions.

Through mimicking the natural biological processes conducted by insects, Cocoon Series investigates fibre’s presence in the natural world, considering organisms such as arachnids and silk worms as a metaphor for the quiet, methodical, intricate work of the seamstress.

Lily Roscoe, originally from Wales, is currently specializing in sculpture at the Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.

For more artworks follow Lily on Instagram @_rhubarb_art

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