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'Unknown Ties'

PREVIEW : Thursday 31st August 6-9pm

1st - 5th September 12pm - 6pm

Axiom Building Floor 2 Room 202A

54 Washington Street, Glasgow, UK

SaltSpace is thrilled to present 'Unknown Ties' a solo show by Simona Manasieva. The show opens on Thursday the 31st August, 6-9pm then continues from the 1st - 5th of September, 12-6pm daily.

Unknown Ties is a visual study about human relationships and the mysterious forces that bind us together. 

With a primary focus on the romantic aspect, the pieces within this exhibit explore the diverse paths of love, visualizing the emotional connections that bridge our outer and inner worlds.

Unknown Ties sends a heartfelt message of feeling understood and deeply connected in the midst of our complex individual realities. 


Unknown Ties

It happened before
And it will happen again
Sometimes things change but mostly things stay the same

We will understand
And maybe we won’t
Sometimes we are different but mostly we stay the same

Unknown ties divide us
Unknown ties connect us 
somehow all at once. 

Simona Manasieva is a graphic designer and artist from Bulgaria, currently based in Glasgow.

Her artistic journey took root as a form of meditation during lockdown 2020, using the process of creating to delve into her own thoughts and emotions.

Simona is drawn to themes of human/universe connection and explores how human beings relate to each other and the world around them. Her preferred mediums include oil sticks, pastels and digital drawing. These methods allow her to create quick and bold pieces conveying the intense raw emotions we experience and how they contribute to our personalities. 


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