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1st April ~ Procedure BMX: Local Procedure


26th - 30th March ~ Cameron McCracken: I’m Still Standing!

22nd - 24th March ~ Becky Tucker: Gambrel

16th - 19th March ~ Fantod: Man In A Dress

12th March Workshop ~ Arty Party with ARTERNATIVE

7th March Film Screening ~ Feminista Shorts


24th - 27th February Exhibition ~ Eilidh Reilly: The Little Vulva

17th - 22nd February Exhibition ~  Uncontrolled Abstraction: The Elements Jeff Edwards.

10th - 13th Roots featuring Sasha Ballon, Anuschka Barlas, Alexandra Beteeva, Mira Knoche and Poppy Pearce.


Shona Wardrop 'Invisible Women' Artist Residency.



2nd - 10th 'Maximum Tilt' SaltSpace 2021 Winter Members Show, SaltSpace gallery.

4th - Makers Market, Community Space.


21st - 26th November Vagueness Of Heart Tess Glen and Andrea Christodoulides. 

6th November - Film Screening 'Living Proof: A Climate Story'.

7th November - FREE Animation Workshop:  'Climate Challenge: 1.5 Degrees Films'.


1st October - 12th November - Jambreen, Australian rainforest erasure by Roslyn Taplin at SaltSpace gallery. 

22nd October - Film Screening 'Not Without Us' as part of Take One Action Film Festival and their initiative 'What The Cop?'Community Space.

1st - 6th - Lockdown Lemonade featuring Chelsea Chen
Diana Bechmann, Ruibao Li, Eva Kyrimi , Alicia Milton, Kamila Leszczyniak, Sally Mairs, Kaoru Takemoto at SaltSpace gallery.


16th - 26th - SaltSpace 2021 Members Show: More Space For The People. SaltSpace Gallery.


19th - 22nd August - 'Plan B' Chonghe Fan, Eden/Ethan Dodd, Yoon Hong Il  & Bori Gheorghita.

26th July - 15th Aug - 'Fracture of One' Balancing Art Collaborative Residency Showcase with members Fibi Cowley, Thyme James, India Boxall.


9th - 11th 'Tracescapes' Balancing Art Collaborative Residency Showcase with members Martha Stefani-Bose and Nadja Andersson.



13th - 16th Balancing Art Collaborative Residency Showcase with selected members Chonghe Fan, Adriana Minu and Julita Hanlon.


27 - 31st 'The Pieces Are In Flux Part.2'featuring Emily Dan, 
Ciara McInnes, Sharon Ferris, Hana Pokojna and Civic Soup.

12 - 20th 'Pretty Ugly' Curated by Mira Knoche, WENCH Collective + Artemis Vulgaris. featuring Sofia Caers, Olivia Chebac, Mira Knoche and Julia Varis & guests: Sascha Ballon, Anuschka Barlas, MV Brown, Kat Gollock, Jameela Gordon-King, Hannah Gulland, Anya Hall, Poppy Pearce, Fiona Robertson, Amanda Seibaek, Joanna Stawnicka, Sharon Thomas. Performances and live installation by: FemmeCastratrice and Freya Pellie (contortionist) & Marie Williamson (live filming). 

4th - 8th 'People don't know is it' // 'Drowning above water' Solo show by Connor Ross. 



27th - 30th April 'After The Dinner Party' group exhibition featuring Lesley McDermott, Chelsie Dysart, Alice Martin, Dawn McLaren, Val Martin and Eloise Kerr.


17th ~ 27th February Emily Dan 'What If' Residency


Enter flash blue and black



19th - 16th Jan 2021 Ciara McInnes 'What If' Residency 

5th - 14th - 'Essential Forms' Members Show 2020, group exhibtion at Salt Gallery featuring 45 Saltspace Members.



26th - 31st - 'The Pieces Are In Flux' a group exhibition at Salt Gallery, curated by Saltspace Committee. Featuring: India Boxall, Flora DeBechi, Connor Ross, Kirkwood Brothers, Rosa Park, Kieran Muir, Suri Park, Hannah Absalom
Nancy Collins, Zsofia Jakab, Ben Dawson, Harry Gorski-Brown, Joe O’Brien
Tinderbox Collective.

12th - 26th - Hana Pokojna

1st - 12th - 'Cherub' Solo Show by Kirsten Shanks, Salt Gallery



25th Sep - 9th Oct - Zsofia Jakab Digital Residency

7th Sep - 19th Oct - 'What If' Residents Civic Soup 'Reading Circle' supported by Glasgow City Heritage Trust.



29th - 'A Drawing Workshop' zoom drawing workshop by Kirkwood Brothers

27th Aug - 10th Sep - Kieran Muir Digital Residency

10th - 23rd - Suri Park Digital Residency

8th Aug - 17th Oct Film and Audio digital Programme

5th - Connor Ross Saltspace Digital x Print Clan residency


11th - Sharon Ferris, 'What If' digital residency supported by Glasgow City Heritage Fund



9th April - India Boxall, digital residency


28th - 29tth - Window Art Festival, Saltmarket & High St. - Postponed.

19th -Friends of GSA Instagram Launch group exhibition by Robert McCormack, Morven Douglas, Ruby Gardner, Katy Clark, Rosie Trevill, Sofie Keller, Silke Zapp and Jess Hay.

12th - What-If Residency Talk by Kim Tiong

1st - 'Dialogue of failed languages' group exhibition curated by Aeji Seo featuring Angus Macdonald, Demi Huang, Gaia Tretmanis, Isla West, Luca Guarino and Rosa Park



18th -  Mind like an open songbook exhibition by Rosace Collective

6th - Moving the Mountain group exhibition by Niu Mingqian, Tang Yue, Chen Peng, Yuan Jing, curated by Well done art studio



24th - HERE and NOW exhibition by Lynsey MacKenzie

18th - Mind like an open songbook exhibition by Rosace Collective

17th - The making of KILLIN exhibition launch by Redstone Press



19th - Stills and Paint
12th - Stills and Paint 5th - Stills and Paint, ran by Claire Mcginlay
6th - 'A tattoo is for life, not just for Christmas'hosted by Laura Roxby


30th - Maker’s Market
28th - Stills and Paint
22nd - Painting on Legs, exhibition by Sean Ellcombe
21st - Stills and Paint
14th - Stills and Paint
9th - Members Day!
7th - Stills and Paint, ran by Claire Mcginlay
3rd - Book of Nudes, ran by Coco Main

27th - Book of Nudes, ran by Claire Mcginlay
20th - Book of Nudes, ran by Robert McCormack
17th - Stills and Paint
11th - Salt Space Launch Night, exhibition by Founding Members
3rd - Stills and Paint, ran by Claire Mcginlay

19th - Stills and Paint
5th - Stills and Paint, ran by Claire Mcginlay


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