'Pretty Ugly' Curated by Mira Knoche, WENCH Collective + Artemis Vulgaris

Gallery Space

12/05/21 - 20/05/2021

Curated by WENCH Collective and Artemisia Vulgaris Collective: Exhibiting artists: Sofia Caers, Olivia Chebac, Mira Knoche, Julia Varis, currently Painting and Printmaking students at the Glasgow School of Art – “we have invited a group of budding and established artists, performers, activists and musicians based in Scotland, to showcase their different takes on female gazes on women, by women, for women and welcoming all the lovers thereof.”

With guests:
Sasha Ballon, Anuschka Barlas, MV Brown, Kat Gollock, Jameela Gordon-King, Hannah Gulland, Anya Hall, Poppy Pearce, Fiona Robertson, Amanda Seibaek, Joanna Stawnicka, Sharon Thomas.

With performances and live installation:
FemmeCastratrice and Freya Pellie (contortionist) & Marie Williamson (live filming).

“ The pretty, the ugly, and all the enrapturing gradations in between – women’s gazes on the world are bringing their bearing into the light in this show, building bridges across generations and differences. We will look with humour and subversion at notions of ‘feminine beauty’, bursting past limiting idealisations of women’s bodies – and tenderly, divergently, making fun of these, celebrating our own notions of what is 'pretty', 'ugly', and in between – meandering strongly into alternative visions of what might be."