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SaltSpace was founded by students and graduates of Glasgow school of Art. As a cooperative with a democratic constitution, we have a non hierarchical group of committee members. We hold regular meetings so that our decision making is a collective process and the running of SaltSpace involves everyone.



Aqsa plans and organises the logistics relating to events, buildings, performers or artists and other personnel such as volunteers while also liaising with relevant sub-committees to co-ordinate a program of events for the Gallery and Community Space, including Residencies. As a non-profit organisation Aqsa identifies key funding opportunities that align with our values. This allows us to develop new projects and initiatives in consultation with arts professionals and key stakeholders (e.g. local authorities, local government and communities, venue directors and regional arts boards).



Aqsa uses the interdisciplinary mediums of poetry, photography, installation, printmaking and film to construct complex structures in which she explores the surreal nature of the human psyche. Her work draws from cinema as a medium, as she uses its architectural and spatial characteristics to represent states of mind which cannot be fully understood through rational study. As a Pakistani immigrant to Scotland, she experienced life with the split of two cultural identities. This polarity underpins her work and is manifested through her use of film, which initially helped her navigate a new culture and now serves in the ongoing exploration of her inner and outer world. Using cinematic styles and techniques is a natural extension of her storytelling. Film informs her multi-media practice, how she thinks and researches her ideas and the way she works with other materials. Using the structural components of film – visuals, sound, editing – she looks to construct a space for an audience to connect with personal narratives, offering launch points toward further wide-ranging thought.



Siusan has years of valuable accounting and financial experience, accurately recording all our income from grants, membership fees, the online shop and funding, as well as keeping a keen eye on our expenditure. Regular management accounts are prepared with budgets and other ad-hoc reporting requirements back to the Committee. 


Siusan grew up in Northern Ireland, later moving to Scotland where after graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 2019, she is now a practicing artist. Siusan reinterprets the iconography of the female figure through constructing non-conforming, autonomous and visible bodies. Their implied narrative signifies the right of womxn to present themselves without fearing criticism. Her influences lie in Intersectional Feminism, Punk subculture and Anime film, and she strives to foster a more inclusive, diverse and tolerant society. With classical paintings of the female form made typically by the male gaze for the male gaze, she seeks to reclaim the female body image, depicting it through a different lens. 



Jan develops relationships with citizens and community groups, identifying needs, delivering projects which support those needs, and identifying and co-ordinating project delivery partners. Additionally working to design engaging, inclusive participatory activities and events which allow marginalised voices and opinions to be heard, plans of action to develop and participants to feel valued, challenged, unthreatened and empowered. 


As a graduate of the Glasgow school of Art in Sculpture & Environmental Art, exploration and engagement with environments form the basis of Jan's creative practices. She uses site responsive strategies as a testing ground for creative experimentation and interactions. "I’m concerned with the entangled worlds of human & nonhuman, and in the activation of fields of relation within ecosystems, environments and cultural narratives. I’m also interested in fictioning and performativity as speculative tools for enquiry, whilst my approaches and methods alternate between time-based media, sculpture and site responsive installation."

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Alice creates and designs social media campaigns, stocking our online shop, visual marketing for social media and events such as exhibitions and continues building an interactive website for Saltspace to engage with its audience and platform our members.


Alice graduated from Glasgow School of Art in Fine Art in 2018. Alice’s work deals with the material presence of the image, exploring social narratives and cultural references within collective memory, accessibility and material reality. Work attempts to understand how reality is constructed by way of images and certain gazes with which our visual world is constructed, and exploring what ways social narratives affect individual freedoms. Ultimately how images come between and affect the relationships between each other and ourselves.



98 Saltmarket St. G1 5LD, Glasgow   - Community Space

142 Saltmarket St. G1 5L, Glasgow   - Makers Space

270 High St. G4 0QT, Glasgow        - Gallery Space

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Saltspace is a voluntary, artist ran, non-profit Cooperative CIC across three spaces in the East end of Glasgow, UK.


As part of 'Space for Growth'supported by Glasgow City Properties.

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