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'a recent memory' by Lily Garget and Sophie Minervini

Gallery Space

07/04/22 - 09/04/22

“a recent memory” was a collaborative exploration of landscape through hands-on making processes, by Glasgow based artists Lily Garget and Sophie Minervini. The works on display included ceramic vessels, traditionally inspired textiles and text-based work, which are influenced aesthetically by the muted tones of the artist’s local surroundings, and conceptually by the narrative of the landscape there. The viewer is invited to experience the work in a welcoming and warm environment, created by the soft textures and shapes of the works on display.

The artists’ utilise lengthy processes with a history linking to women’s work, craft and applied arts. Through engaging with these processes, the artists explore their connections to both the natural world and domestic spaces. By creating depictions of particular landscapes, a narrative emerges of birth, life and death, and the cyclical nature of making work inspired by the land.

Combining materials including foraged dyes, natural sheep’s wool, found clay, and manmade metal; complex themes of ecology, sustainability of practice, and connectivity are layered over the functional, domestic resolved objects.

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