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'What If'- Emily Dan

Community Space, Saltmarket


Glasgow City Heritage Trust Residency 2021

SaltSpace, with grant aided support from the Glasgow City Heritage Trust, are delighted to present the outcome from the ‘What If’ residency for disciplines and contemporary practice that directly relates to the questions, problems & ideas around Glasgow’s built environment.

Resident Emily is an architect-in-training currently living in Glasgow and studying at The Mac. A Cambridge undergrad Emily also worked in London for two years at DSDHA and Haworth Tompkins.

Emily explains 'the threat to public space and public buildings is an ongoing interest of mine. I look forward to exploring this with SaltSpace in the context of Glasgow – looking at the “groundscape” of Glasgow, the form it takes and how it shapes the experience of the pedestrian. Through a series of wax and plaster casts, paintings and drawings I want to explore the textures and forms around us as we walk through the city.'


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