Cara Kennedy

Cara is a Glasgow-based artist specialising in ceramics.

Clay is a notoriously stubborn, labour-intensive and unforgiving material. Embracing these properties, I create ceramic vessels and sculptures marked by my tactile experience of sculpting the clay with my hands. The audience encounters the physical as well as visual: Finger imprints, throwing rings, join lines and scoring, emphasising the artist’s hand in the creation of each piece. I avoid placing a narrative on the work. Instead, the markings narrate the self-contained personal histories in the clay body of each vessel. Inspired by the installations of Edmund de Waal, I work intuitively to place and assemble groupings of objects; some clustered together, others decidedly separate. Inhabiting the space in this way, the work questions the autonomy of the unique handcrafted object and the aesthetic force within a series of related forms.