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Hannah Kate Absalom

Absalom (b.1998), originates from the North East of England, and graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2020, with a First Class BaHons in Painting & Printmaking . The artist also had the opportunity to study Fine Art at the Bezalel Academy of Fine Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel from September 2018 - February 2019.

Within her practice, Absalom explores the themes of religion, dogma and the supernatural through contemporary interpretations of mythologies and iconography, often in reference to apocalypse and dystopia. Absalom transmogrifies landscapes and figures to represent an uncanny, dystopian future catalysed by social, political and environmental issues. The imagery used can often be unsettling, disturbing and hypnotic in its blending of dream and dogma. The medias of oil paintings, relief printing and filmmaking are most commonly used by the artist often blended in various ways. However, the artist also experiments with sculpture, installation and photography.

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