Kate Roy

Kate Roy is an Emerging Canadian visual artist and has found a passion for research within the art world. She primarily utilizes historical film processes within her work and tends to jump between mediums depending on the message she is conveying.

Kate has received her Photography Diploma from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in 2016 and won the Mary-Ellen Nealis Award for the top photographer of her graduating year. Since 2014 Kate has participated in 7 group exhibitions, was awarded the 2019 Luna Bursary grant, the Award of Visual Merit in 2020 and has self-published Eight Photo-based books titled; With the Wind, It’s all about you, Affinity, Evon Stremel Roy, A Beautiful collection, Beneficiary, Quaran-Zine and BLUmE. Kate has recently received her diploma from the full-time Portfolio Program at The School of the Photographic Arts Ottawa, in May 2020 and is looking forward to studying her MFA at the Glasgow School of Art in September 2022.