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Painting on Legs Opening. 22nd Nov 2019 (38) (1) crop.jpg

'Painting on Legs' Sean Ellcombe

Saltspace Gallery, High Street

2019 Residency

Paintings on legs” was a solo show by recent graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, Sean Ellcombe. Graduating from painting and printmaking in 2019, Sean presents six new objects made within our six-week Salt Gallery Residency.

The objects have been a simple developmental break from Sean’s previous painting works. The new objects that are going to be presented are to continue with his own deductions of painting from the physiologies of surface and object theory. His focus is for utilising painting as a heavily presupposed and stored medium. The “Paintings on legs” objects will present painting through the tongues of sculpture and installation to demonstrate and to evaluate particular rules and structures that flex on the ideas around painting. The six objects will focus and articulate on such painting elements like; the flat plain surface, geometric and framed compositions and heavy nods to perspective and illusionist techniques.

The objects in the show should only attempt to appear familiar, to whatever ideas a viewer might have already about a painting show or what a painting is to themselves. Sean will present paintings to how he thinks through them and how he remembers looking at painting using alternative mediums.
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