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We are a new creative co-operative providing a supportive platform for new graduates and early year creatives as a stepping-stone into their artistic career. 


We offer annual memberships to artists across the whole of Scotland! Membership is open to Scottish students, artists based in Scotland and any artists that have studied at a Scottish institution. We have four different memberships, allowing flexibility and specific output with your involvement with Saltspace. Additionally we have a new annual turnover from Sep - Aug. Read about all our memberships here.

We are currently planning our future programming of events for later this summer (COVID-19 permitting!) become a member if you would like to get involved.


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Happy to announce the first showcase from our first 'Balancing Art' Collaborative Residency! The group show opens Sunday 13th June - 15th, open from 12 - 4pm everyday at SaltSpace Gallery.

This exhibition is the outcome of three weeks of intense collaboration between three artists (Chonghe, Julita and Adriana) that never met before: a painter, a fine artist and a sound artist.  Over three days we are presenting this outcome as a sculptural space, a geometric structure made out of a multitude of materials, including a painting, rendered into a durational performance by both the body of the performer that is part of it, vocalising the relationship, and the bodies of the audience that are present in the space. 


Chonghe says: it is a space full of conflicts and contradictions—— hard materials and soft materials, 2D images and 3D frames, artificial fabrics and natural products.

For Julita, it is place of unease and questioning of knowns, subversion of political into personal, interference and interplay between safety and restriction/restrain. 


For Adriana it is a space to be with and through materials using her voice, always existing in relation to the environment, a part of the whole that is constantly shifting. 



Space within a space. 

Space of multiplicity. 

Space of contradictions and opposition. 

Felt space. 

Temporary autonomous space.

Space that is affecting you as you are affecting it. 

Safe space. 

Confined space. 

Never fully inside or outside. 

Space of being with space. 

Space of becoming. 

Putting together parts to create space. 

Bodies within space, one with the space. 

Sound as relationship with space.

Drifting through space.


Coming Up: Balancing Art Collaborative Residency


13th - 15th June

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Chonghe Fan


Adriana Minu



Julita Hanlon