Cooperative Arts Spaces in Glasgow

We are a new creative co-operative providing a supportive platform for new graduates and early year creatives as a stepping-stone into their artistic career. 


We offer annual memberships to artists across the whole of Scotland! Membership is open to Scottish students, artists based in Scotland and any artists that have studied at a Scottish institution. We have four different memberships, allowing flexibility and specific output with your involvement with Saltspace. Additionally we have a new annual turnover from Sep - Aug. Read about all our memberships here.

We are currently planning our future programming of events for later this summer (COVID-19 permitting!) become a member if you would like to get involved.

Balancing Art Collaborative Residency
26th July - August 15th

Excited to announce our third collaborative ‘Balancing Art’ residency with three of our members Fibi Cowley, Thyme James and India Boxall ! The collaborative residency sees SaltSpace members from different creative backgrounds collaborate on a project, culminating into a final outcome such as an exhibition. The funded residency is an opportunity for members to engage with each other while also bridging the gap between different specialisms and mediums. Keep your eyes peeled over the next three weeks as ideas begin to brew between these three talented members!


Fibi Cowley 

Fibi’s research centres around the anthropological history of the trance, driven by its therapeutic praxis within jungian dream analysis, cinema and theatre going, and indigenous hallucinogen rituals. These practices demonstrate the sharing of the waking dream as a method of personal interrogation and cultural catharsis to maintain social harmony. Seeking to invoke a communal dream amongst viewers, Fibi’s practice revolves around the video trance. Fibi works in expanded cinema, the screen becomes an object of meditative focus at the centre of a contemporary healing ritual.


Thyme James 

Thyme is an interdisciplinary artist in expanded painting, identifying it as such as opposed to “multi-disciplinary” because the mediums are often not isolated, either being combined in the creation of the piece or stemming from conceptual ideas through the process of another medium. Primarily the media they use are painting, drawing, printmaking, performance, and video art but these are not exclusive. Thyme’s interest lies in the body, firstly via experimentation using the body as a tool. Secondly in a figurative manner, working from life drawings, self-portrait photography or from memory.


India Boxall 

India’s creative research practice is rooted in challenging and unpicking alienating and hegemonic political, social and cultural narratives, rendered as normative by global capitalism and the Oil Age. She is particularly interested in psychogeography, spiritual ecology, and interconnectivity as eco-feminist practices that make-towards reparative modalities for states of stagnation and inertia as inherent in our mass eco-cide. Collaborative interplays have become vital methods for thinking-through and making-with. Drawing, collage, sewing, writing and photography are starting points that vary in physical scale and conceptual magnitude, often transforming numerous times into textile installation, sound works, film collages, and sculptural play. 


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We are proud to be
a Cooperative!

A co-op is an organisation owned and controlled by its members. It exists for the benefit of its members, who may be artists, workers, suppliers or the wider community. It’s an organisation with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for the community.


Read our manifesto and find out about the core values central to how we operate SaltSpace Cooperative!