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Alice Cornelia

Alice Cornelia is a visual artist, director, writer, filmmaker, photographer and installation artist based in Glasgow. She graduated from Glasgow School of Art in Fine Art in 2018. Her work has been exhibited around the UK as well as internationally across spaces in Glasgow, London, Liverpool, and Switzerland as well as a solo show titled ‘Back Now’ in Warrington Museum and Art Gallery in April - June 2019.

Alice has been commissioned as part of BBC New Creatives North talent scheme, supported by Tyneside Cinema, BBC Arts and Arts Council England to write, and direct her first short film titled ‘So Perfect It Frightens Me’.

Alice's work comments on our social relationship with images, blurring boundaries between the composed and real. Opening up ‘image worlds’ within collective memory, accessibility and material reality. My film work attempts to understand how reality is constructed by way of images and certain gazes with which our visual world is constructed. Exploring what ways social narratives effect individual freedoms. Ultimately how images come between and affect the relationships between each other and ourselves.

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