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Sarah Grant

Sarah Grant is originally from Leeds and graduated in Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School of Art in 2000. Since then she has exhibited regularly as a member of Glasgow Independent Studios, Trongate 103 Arts Centre.

Sarah Grant's paintings are small in scale and she creates work in series which form part of a bigger narrative. Her recent series 'Uncovered Streets' was created under the 2020/21 Lockdown and reflects the appearance of empty streets, as imagined through the classic motif of the American road trip. Her paintings are uninhabited places, carrying a sense of tension but often featuring still, open skies and a sense of quiet reflection.

A recent series of work, Monochrome (2018/19) looked at the home as a metaphor for our individual sense of self. The images are painted in a muted palette and have a timeless feel, like images in a dream, film or childhood memory. The architecture could be European or American but each images has a quiet, self contained feel like frontier towns or isolated homesteads.

Sarah has a Masters in Art Therapy and works as a fully qualified Art Therapist for the NHS in Mental Health and Addictions. She has been the Creative Lead for the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival in Renfrewshire for the last 6 years.

She has also worked as an arts lecturer for Glasgow Clyde College and for various community arts organisations such as Artlink Central, Impact Arts and Project Ability.

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