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Yoon Hong

Yoon Hong Il b.1993 in Seoul, South Korea. Works and lives in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

In his work, Hongil shows his perspectives and personal impressions about image consumption in the age of information overload. People can fast consume multiple images and information at the same time, and the technology helps us find a high volume of images. The way of seeing the world changes through our habit of this immediate consumption. The virtual and real images overlap and are duplicated in our space of brain. It accelerates the rotation of our habitual process of oblivion.

When we consume images, it leaves us the emotion. When we forget them, emotions leave in our minds as an unclear form. We recollect the uncertain feelings without any clear substance. Ambiguity with unsolved emotions stimulates our minds through undistinguishable shapes.

Through his artistic practice, he expressed these images with uncertain emotions, which has the flatness as our ability of memory in this age of oblivion. He presented the overlapped images through the colours of the spectrum and depicted the distracting objects' features in a surrealistic style to enhance the sense of disorder. Some parts of the image blurred in his paintings. This instability of objects is disordered with the symbolic array and connected to the frequent occurrence of confusion. The images became ambiguous and filled with the abstract and random arrangement of colours with brush strokes.

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