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'Neoscope' by Alasdair Watson

PREVIEW : Thursday 6th September, 6-9pm

7th - 11th September 10am - 5pm

Axiom Building Floor 2 Room 202A

54 Washington Street, Glasgow, UK

SaltSpace is thrilled to present 'Neoscope' a solo show by Alasdair Watson. The show opens on Thursday the 6th September, 6-9pm then continues from the 7th - 11th of September, 10am - 5pm daily.

Neoscope is Alasdair Watson’s @Alasdair_Watson his first solo exhibition and launch of his latest photozine.

Alasdair’s analogue photography of Scotland’s standing stones is put into dialogue with NASA’s space telescope imagery, creating a conversation across 5000 years, and a collaboration between the astronomers of our past and our present. 
Alongside mixed-media visuals is writing created at the Alasdair Gray Archive @thealasdairgrayarchive in response to works by both Alasdair Gray and poet Dr. Maria Sledmere @Cherry_melancholic 
Viewed from a post-human world, with nothing but the stars above us and the monuments we built to understand them, and where our 21st century technology is as mysterious and open to interpretation as the stone circles of our Neolithic ancestors,  a timeline of grief, purpose, curiosity, and collaboration emerge through the Neoscope.

Alasdair Watson is a freelance photographer from Glasgow.

“Photography is my connection to communities, our shared histories, and our shared places. I am self-taught and through the ritual of travel, connection, & creation, I try to tell stories of belonging, purpose, and joy. Lately my work has been reflecting more on the idea of outsiders, on the beauty found in imperfection, and on the looming climate crisis; imagining what footprints we’ll leave behind when we’re gone, and what those who follow us will find in them."

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