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In my practice I explore the body as a space and the boundaries of the body as it relates to the environments it inhabits. As we interact with the world, we tend to view the body as layer of separation and a barrier between us and our world however these lines are so often blurred as we strain to exist as functional components within our lives. In my practice I seek to visually investigate this tension between our bodies and their supposed functional purpose in a twisting exploration of the two as one. In this sense I take a great deal of inspiration from artists like Louise Bourgeois and Francis Bacon in the way they both hold a line of discourse with the abject and a deep interest in distortion of the human figure. This blurring of physical boundaries between the body and its surroundings is also something my practice is very engaged with and this has led me to become interested in the way in which we imbue our spaces with a kind of life of their own.

In my practice I use a variety of materials including acrylic and watercolour paint, gesso, glue, plaster and ink to create sculptures and paintings which highlight the body in dialogue in with the spaces that it inhabits. I’m particularly interested in dissecting the way bodies are both produced by and produce space through their interaction with their environment an deconstructing how we understand space through an intrinsically social lens. In this sense my practice seeks to capture, record and understand where our bodies end and the external world begins.

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