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Lauren Kilpatrick

Renkilpatrick is an emerging visual artist who rekindled her passion for art at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic — March 2020. Practising painting replicas of Picasso’s work was the catalyst that led Renkilpatrick on to apply to do an NQ Fine Art: Portfolio course at Glasgow Clyde College.

Since leaving school she has gained qualifications in media, an introduction to hairdressing and an HNC in TV Production to allow her to understand this area of the creative arts industry. Renkilpatrick enjoyed aspects of these areas of study but decided that this was not the career path that she wanted to pursue.

Now into her 26th year, wanting to create artwork that’s going to challenge her audience’s perception. Renkilpatrick’s most recent project, ‘computer people’, confronts our reliance on smartphones, especially Generation Z and Generation Alpha or more descriptively ‘the black mirror’ age.

Renkilpatrick will make a mockery out of this as the modern world–a smartphone dominated world–sees us as walking/talking computers instead of human beings.

Renkilpatrick also enjoys exploring the similarities between human beings and plants in their work as an artist.


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